About Us

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Our Approach

Our goal at Klaptastic Games is to create unique games on various platforms for numerous ages; as a small Indie Games Company we want to reach the potential to hire more people and create a great atmosphere, as well as ongoing stable jobs for the economy.

Please support Indie Games as they strive for people like you to create unique games that AAA titles wont make. It also keeps it local to provide for our Nation.

Our Story

Founded on January 3rd 2017 by Adam Klappers.

Office Tossing is the first game that i have developed,  i started developing this game while i was studying Digital and Interactive Media.

As Klaptastic Games is a 1 man studio I have outsourced some help with various development milestones in order to help me finish the game.

My goal is to receive the necessary support to help complete the game, which will enable me to make the company bigger and more viable for the economy in assisting to hire other local game developers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and get to me and the gaming process, please enjoy and feel free to leave any feedback both positive and negative so that I can better serve the people that will be playing any Klaptastic Games.

kind regards

Adam Klappers.

Founder & Owner of Klaptastic Games

Meet the Team

Currently there is only one member of the team which is the founder and owner Adam Klappers, so please support me by playing my games and supporting us on our social network sites, help to make my team grow and develop so that i can produce great content for all gamers.

Adam Klappers

Adam Klappers

Founder & Owner of Klaptastic Games

Game Designer, Animator, lives in Adelaide South Australia.